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Opening the communication port for license requests

Technical Note 29096



10/23/2015 7:49 AM


This technical note gives you suggestions how to manually open the correct communication port for license requests.


The communication requirement is that UDP (User Datagram Protocol) port 5093 is open on:

  • the PC that runs the IAR License Server application
  • the Client PC
  • routers/bridges between subnets in the network

How you open UDP port 5093 depends on the kind of Windows OS on the computer. It also depends on the application you use for administration of the routers/bridges.

The picture below shows how to open UDP port 5093 in one Windows version:

Note that a restart might be mandatory for the change to be performed, that is, in some of the mentioned kinds of hardware. For example, the License Server computer typically needs to be restarted.


Port UDP 5093 must be open on the Client, the Server and between subnets. If problems persist you can contact IAR Systems support. For example, we can send you a tool for testing communication through the UDP port.

Note that you cannot use PING for testing communication between Client and Server. The reason for that is that PING uses ICMP for communication.

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