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Managing a slow IAR Embedded Workbench

Technical Note 40547



9/7/2015 2:17 PM


In some cases, IAR Embedded Workbench responds very slowly, or is denied permission, or a timeout is reached before it can do its job.


An antivirus real-time scan can slow down IAR Embedded Workbench as described above. One solution can be to add the following suggested folders to the exception list for the antivirus real-time scan feature:

  • The IAR Embedded Workbench installation folder
  • %APPDATA%\IAR Embedded Workbench
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\IAR Embedded Workbench
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\IAR Systems


If IAR Embedded Workbench responds slowly, try excluding the suggested folders from the antivirus real-time scan feature.

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