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Practical assistance for validating your application

Practical assistance for validating your application

Why is there never time to do things right, but there is always time to do them over again? That maxim is especially true for functional safety-related development. There are different functional safety standards and certification levels for every application in automotive, industrial, medical, and railway. Despite the different certifications that are available, they all follow a similar pattern for those seeking certification for their applications. What are the best practices and configuration of tools needed to easily get certification for your end project? What functionality is safe to use and how can that be reflected in your application? Can I use optimizations in a functional safety project? How can code coverage assist you and prove the reliability of the generated code? In this webinar, we will tackle these questions and give you additional advice to help you manage your functional-safety project. We will explore the nuances of the safety guide and how to put the recommendations in practice. We will also go through what it means working with a frozen tools version and how to interpret the regular safety reports that are mandatory for certified tools.

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