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Toshiba의 Arm 기반의 마이크로컨트롤러 및 마이크로컴퓨터를 위한 강력한 개발 환경을 제공합니다.

Powerful development environment for Arm

We offer a complete set of powerful tools for Arm Cortex-M and Arm Cortex-R based microcontrollers and microcomputers from Toshiba Corporation.

Toshiba offers microcontrollers incorporating one or more Arm Cortex-M cores that are popular in the general-purpose microcontroller market. This includes the TX00, TX03, TX04 and TX09 series. We provide support for all of these series.

In addition, we support Toshiba's automotive Arm-based microcontrollers, as well as the TZ100 application processors for wearable devices and the Arm Cortex-A9 based TZ2000 application processors.

Supported Toshiba devices

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