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세계 최고의 Renesas용 툴 제공

IAR Systems는 Renesas사의 모든 마이크로컨트롤러 라인업을 지원하는 유일한 회사입니다.

Since the 1980's, IAR Systems and Renesas have had a strong partnership. Thanks to the longstanding collaboration, we are the only tool vendor able to deliver high-performing development tools for the entire lineup of Renesas microcontrollers.

With more than 4,000 supported Renesas devices, IAR Embedded Workbench supplies exceptional design flexibility for embedded developers working with the extensive Renesas product portfolio. The tools deliver outstanding performance and let our customers migrate easily between different architectures, and choose the one best suited for a specific application while using the same development tools. It also simplifies reuse of code.

We are a Renesas Platinum Partner and we are committed to continue supplying high-class tools for all Renesas MCUs.

4,000개 이상의 Renesas 디바이스 지원


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