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Cypress Arm 기반의 마이크로컨트롤러를 위한 강력하고 완벽한 툴을 제공합니다.

Tools for Cypress devices

We offer a complete set of powerful tools for Cypress Arm-based microcontrollers, including the FM microcontrollers, the PSoC families, and the automotive Traveo microcontrollers.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Spansion, Inc. closed a merger in 2015. The newly combined company delivers high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of today's most advanced embedded systems, from automotive, industrial and networking platforms to highly interactive consumer and mobile devices. 

IAR Embedded Workbench offers support for the FM MCU microcontroller family, which is is a scalable platform for industrial applications based on the Arm Cortex-M4, M3, M0+ and R4 cores. Also supported are the automotive FCR4 and Traveo families, which are based on the real-time Arm Cortex-R4 and -R5 cores. The tools also cover the PSoC 4 and PSoC 5LP programmable system on chip.

Supported Cypress devices

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