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IAR Systems Group AB (publ) Interim Report Jan-Sept 2015

Best quarter ever!

January–September 2015

  • Net sales of SEK 235.8m (189.6)
  • EBITDA of SEK 76.1m (47.3)
  • Operating profit of SEK 65.0m (39.7)
  • Profit before tax of SEK 64.9m (40.1)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 70.6 (54.4)
  • Net cash of SEK 62.6m (57.2) at the end of the period
  • EBITDA margin of 32.3% (24.9)
  • Operating margin of 27.6% (20.9)
  • Earnings per share of SEK 4.96 (3.12) after current tax
  • Basic earnings per share of SEK 3.93 (2.53) and diluted earnings per share of SEK 3.93 (2.52)

July–September 2015

  • Net sales of SEK 79.8m (64.9)
  • EBITDA of SEK 28.9m (18.4)
  • Operating profit of SEK 25.0m (15.6)
  • Profit before tax of SEK 25.0m (15.6)
    • EBITDA margin of 36.2% (28.4)
    • Operating margin of 31.3% (24.0)
    • Basic earnings per share of SEK 1.49 (1.06) and diluted earnings per share of SEK 1.49 (1.06)

Key events during the period

  • Launch of C-STAT as an add-on product 

IAR Systems is the world’s leading independent provider of software for programming of processors in embedded systems. The software is used by around 46,000 customers to develop products based on 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors, mainly in the areas of industrial automation, medical devices, consumer electronics and the automotive industry. IAR Systems has a powerful ecosystem of partners that include the world’s leading semiconductor vendors. IAR Systems Group AB is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Small Cap.

Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems Group AB
email stefan.skarin@iar.com

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