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Security Solutions

Define your products and assign keys and certificates.

Create a Security Context to hold all security elements.

Program the Secure Boot Manager and secrets into the MCU.

Ensure security from development to manufacturing.

Deliver automatically signed and encrypted application code.

What’s your state of security? Wherever you are today, you can take measures to make the security of your product more straightforward, scalable and sustainable. We’ll show you how!



Protect your application and deliver secure, encrypted code 

C-Trust is a security development tool that works as an extension to IAR Embedded Workbench and enables you to easily protect an existing or new application.

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Security from Inception Suite

Start your journey towards best-in-class security!

Unique set of tools and services for implementing and customizing security in embedded applications.

  • Security development tools
  • Advanced security training targeting design, legislation and implementation
  • Optional custom design review by security specialist

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Questions about security?

We put together our most frequently asked questions. 

Embedded Trust and C-Trust are developed jointly by IAR Systems and Secure Thingz, a global domain expert in device security, embedded systems security, and lifecycle management.

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