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Meet the women of IAR Systems

Meet the women of IAR Systems

We want to see more women in the embedded systems industry! By presenting some of our fantastic female employees and their work, we want to show that a career at IAR Systems offers many exciting challenges. Welcome to join us!

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Lotta Frimanson, Product Manager

Lotta is Product Manager for some of our IAR Embedded Workbench products and responsible for our RTOS partner program. She has a Master of Science degree in engineering physics from Uppsala University. Gymnastics is one of her passions and she is an international judge for artistic gymnastics and has been judging at both European and World championships.

"The rapid development of the embedded industry means new challenges and new things to learn every day. It is in many ways an industry dominated by men, and I hope that more girls will realize how much fun it can be to work in this industry whose products have more and more influence on our daily lives. IAR Systems is a truly international company and I have the privilege of working with lots of great partners and colleagues all around the world."

Nathalie Bringeland, Systems Developer

Nathalie works with system administration, with specific focus on Salesforce. Previously she has been doing PhD research at Uppsala University for the medical faculty. Her research concerned data analysis and visualization of epigenetics and its role in childhood obesity. 

"I have been working at IAR Systems for two months and it was clear from the very beginning that IAR Systems has a very welcoming and familiar atmosphere where there is plenty of room for being exactly who you are at work. My colleagues are very talented, skillful and passionate about their work which I believe is related to that everybody’s work is valued and recognized by colleagues and managers. At the moment I am the only female in the IT department but the only thing I did was to pursue a job which involved both my professional and personal interests!"


Dannielle Burgard, US Finance and Administration Manager

Dannielle has worked at IAR Systems for six years and most of her time has been devoted to leading the company’s internal organization in the USA, with a primary focus on finance, logistics, customer service and administration.

"Our corporate vision has a strong message that all employees are proud of. This means that everyone can contribute to the company and the workplace."

Gloria Linden, Technical Support Manager

Gloria has been with IAR Systems for 2.5 years and looks after technical support in the United States including managing the activities of 5 support engineers across 3 locations. She earned her Electrical Engineering degree from Boston University. She's the mother of 4 children, in her spare time she enjoys dancing and she's a huge fan of SciFi books and movies.  

"I'm grateful to IAR Systems for giving me opportunities to work with intelligent people and grow both my technical and business skills. Our customers are fantastic and every day we face interesting technical challenges together."

Antje Rohner, Technical Support Engineer

Antje gives dedicated technical support for users of IAR Systems' tools in Germany and Switzerland. Her goal in life is conquering the french language.

"Technical oriented companies offer a great professional environment for women. The field is so wide that it is simple to find a very interesting product to work on. People working at IAR Systems are very friendly, open, somewhat crazy, solution-driven and they search for the perfect combination of hard and fascinating work and happiness and fun."


Eva Hjelm, Programmer

Eva Hjelm is a programmer (C and C++) and she has worked at IAR Systems for over 25 years. To compensate for all the left brain work at the office, Eva rides horses and sings barbershop at her leisure time. That includes going on riding holidays all over the world.

"IAR Systems has a very friendly atmosphere and I have always felt welcome in the different groups I have belonged to. I started out by making simulators for a wide range of microprocessors. Nowadays I mostly work with new features in the debugger in IAR Embedded Workbench. It is a really interesting and challenging work."

Chris Sjögren, Section Manager, Development Team

Chris started her career in localization, user documentation and project management and now works as a section manager with her main role as a facilitator for a number of programmers, striving to make sure they have the best conditions for being as creative and productive as possible. 

“Many women have a hard time being seen and accepted, and they have to struggle to develop in their job. I wish more women will have the chance to come to a company like IAR Systems, where we don't have to fight for our existence and prove that we are equal, but instead can focus on developing as professionals and colleagues. If we can make more of these companies known and show that there are really good opportunities out there, we will also be able to attract more women to technical areas, such as the embedded systems industry. We need to reach girls and young women and show them that this is for them, too. Both men and women use these products, so those who develop them should of course be both men and women.

 To the young woman wondering where to go and what is right, I would say: You don’t need to have your whole career path all planned. Try something that seems fun and make sure you learn from it along the way. I didn’t know what I went into when I started my first job. I am glad I didn’t, because if I had, I might not have had the courage to do so. Which means I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am so grateful for my job and my colleagues, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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As a market leader, IAR Systems always strives to be the preferred choice for the most talented and competent employees and managers in the industry. The company’s success also lies in utilizing the strengths and individual of the existing competencies, and continuously promoting personal development and well being by offering new challenges for the employees.

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